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Thanks for the Memories PCHS

Evan Privett – Senior

The last two years were hard on everyone. COVID-19 had made normalcy impossible, especially within the realm of education. However, as students, we persevered, and for that we should all be proud. This lack of normalcy was felt prominently by freshmen and sophomores, whose first impression of high school was muddied by red-white days and an inability to see the smiles on their friends’ faces due to the mask mandate.

Alas, though my first impression of Pekin High was as pure as they come, that in no way meant that my high school career lacked ups and downs. Despite this, I am still full of regret as I step across the threshold into adulthood.

The fact that I never hung out with friends outside of school, for example, will always hang over my shoulder. Whether it was football games, pep events, or homecoming, I will always regret the social avenues I never walked; the friends I never made. However, the places I did walk and the friendships I did forge over the last four years made every day worthwhile.

It’s possible that I will never see most of these friends again as we all prepare to take separate paths in life, but no matter what, the times we did have together will always mean the world to me.

Goodbye, students and faculty of PCHS, and good luck.

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